To die would be an awfully big adventure


Anonymous said: bet ur bf dont even lik u ha

My boyfriend? Who I’ve been with for 7 months in 4 days time. Yeah pssstt he hates my guts, why would he stick around if he didnt like me? You know nothing about me or my boyfriend. Goodbye now m’lovely! Xoxox

Anonymous said: u should have died when we bullied u before

Oh okay so I should be dead right now? Woah, sorry but that’s just low. First of all for owning up to bullying me and then to admitting you want me dead. Well guess what? I’m happy and I’m sorry that you’re not and that you have to sit there trying to put me down, sweetie it’s really not going to work, you’re wasting your time. Go do some colouring, something a bit more worth your time.

Anonymous said: fat like ew gross

Ahahhaahaahhahaahahahahahahah no one cares what you think of me.

Anonymous said: ur ugly

Awh thank you! Really appreciate your irrelevant comment. If you’re going to start this again there’s no point.